REACTIONS AND STATEMENTS BY BeSuRe International/EMTAG EAS Technologies & FLYTAG s.r.o.


Concerning false allegations of TAGIT S.A. regarding Misuse of a business secret and confidential information

Almere, 31 January 2023

After routinely placing a purchase order (as we have been doing regularly for years), BeSuRe International received, to its utter surprise, an official letter from the lawyer of EM label producer TAGIT S.A./VINETA BMI s.r.o., based in Prague, Czech Republic.

In this letter, another supplier of BeSuRe International , FLYTAG (also a label producer from Prague) and implicitly also BeSuRe International and its subsidiary EMTAG EAS Technologies are falsely accused of “Misuse of a business secret and confidential information”. TAGIT S.A. alleges that former TAGIT employees now employed by FLYTAG are making unlawful use of TAGIT patents and trade secrets.
Any substantiation about what kind of “business secrets” and patents are involved is completely lacking.
In addition, this letter requires BeSuRe International to provide a written and signed statement in which it would undertake not to do business with FLYTAG .
In addition, we are aware that TAGIT S.A. has approached customers and potential prospects of FLYTAG , BeSuRe International and EMTAG EAS Technologies in writing and otherwise with the same false allegations.

Our own research (and our own experience) has shown us that, especially its director Vladimir Manov, is not always so close to the truth and often uses intimidation as a means to get his way.
From the investigation we are not aware of any current patents that TAGIT claims that FLYTAG is using unlawfully. The only patents in existence appear to be dated and long since expired (in most cases due to non-payment by TAGIT S.A. for renewal).
The former employees of TAGIT concerned are also in no way bound by any non-competition clause or non-disclosure agreement.

BeSuRe International stands for an open and transparent market where healthy competition can be to everyone’s advantage. For that reason, it will at all times oppose monopolistic actions by manufacturers and suppliers.
We do not consider it to be in the interest of customers in general.
We find it worrying that TAGIT has lost almost all of its knowledge and know-how with the departure of its designer, engineer and production manager. Precisely because we have great confidence in its technical qualities and in FLYTAG ’s management and investors, BeSuRe International supports FLYTAG ’s bold initiative and therefore acts as its international sales office through its division EMTAG EAS Technologies.

BeSuRe International , as an independent wholesaler, will never be obliged not to do business with other manufacturers and suppliers.
The reporting from TAGIT (or through its Global Sales Manager Neil Matthews) to customers is reprehensible and, in our opinion, defamatory. However, it is not up to BeSuRe International to take legal action against this.

Neither FLYTAG nor BeSuRe International /EMTAG EAS Technologies have been guilty in any way of what they are accused of by TAGIT . All knowledge and information used consists of personal knowledge and information or obtained from open sources.

We therefore find the conduct of TAGIT in this case absolutely objectionable and we firmly reject it as unacceptable.
BeSuRe International has therefore now also terminated, effective immediately, all remaining business with this company.

It is completely unclear to BeSuRe International on what TAGIT bases its accusations and allegations. TAGIT did not respond to a request for clarification.
We are not aware of any “theft” by ex-employees, nor has this been proven in any way.

It therefore seems that the action of TAGIT is mainly based on feelings of resentment of Mr. Vladimir Manov towards a number of ex-employees. The only purpose seems to be to eliminate competition, or at least to harm it. In our opinion, that can only be called sad.
We believe it is in the interest of all stakeholders that these kinds of undesirable practices are exposed. That is why we are publishing the letter from TAGIT‘s lawyer, as well as the official response from the managements of FLYTAG and BeSuRe International /EMTAG EAS Technologies, so that everyone can form a picture of this for themselves.

Our buyers of both EM systems and EM labels have absolutely no need to worry about the continuity of deliveries. As a renowned supplier, we naturally anticipated this in advance, which once again emphasizes the importance of healthy competition in the market.
BeSuRe International has full confidence in the management and investors of FLYTAG and its technical knowledge and quality standard and will support them where necessary.

We therefore look forward to any proceedings from TAGIT with all confidence.

BeSuRe International | EMTAG EAS Technologies

Paul van den Berg | General manager

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