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BeSuRe International – Making retail more profitable

BeSuRe International is your reliable partner in many areas with which you can reduce your loss and increase your profit.

Always objective advice, specially tailored to you, about the most suitable system for article security, camera security, people counting, RFID or other systems.

BeSuRe International

A reliable partner in retail for more than 10 years

BeSuRe International has been a reliable partner for retailers for more than 10 years. We always advise our customers objectively and transparent on systems that are most suitable for their situation.

We can do that because we can offer our customers all available technologies. In addition, we are completely independent and therefore always look for the right solution for you, even if it is not standard in our range.

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In addition to the right level of service, which we consider extremely important, we also have an eye for the other important matters that concern you.

Sustainability and ecological footprint are therefore a continuous point of attention within our overall policy. Read more about it here.

We are therefore also a reliable, responsible and environmentally aware partner in this area.

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Anti Shoplifting

Loss prevention

BeSuRe International supplies and installs all available technologies in EAS systems with which you can protect your products against shoplifting.

You have a wide choice of:

• RF Systems

• AM Systems

• EM Systems

• Booster Bag Detection

• Fitting room security

We advise you objectively and transparently about the most suitable solutions for you.

And of course we also offer you an incredibly wide range of security labels for all these systems at very competitive prices.

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Camera Security

Focus on detail

BeSuRe International also takes care of your camera security. EAS systems combined with an effective visual overview of your store are inextricably linked as far as we are concerned.

That is why an adequate camera plan with the correct positioning of your cameras is necessary.

We also pay attention to the correct positioning of your cameras so that you also get a clear picture of the actions that customers perform on your shelves.

You can view the images from our camera systems on one or more suitable monitors, but also via an app on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Because we believe that a sharp camera image with good recognition is important,, our systems are always at least 4MP or 8MP.

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Inventory Management and Theft Prevention

BeSuRe International can also offer you a combination of Theft Protection and automatic Inventory Management via RFID.

With RFID systems, products are equipped with a special chip that contains stored data. This chip can be read by a scanner at your cash register (so that your stock is immediately updated) but also by a security system at the exit. In the latter case, it can be checked (under certain conditions) whether the product in question has been paid for. If not, an alarm is generated at the exit.

And which entrepreneur does not want a stock count within a few minutes. By walking through your store with a scanner, you can inventory your complete stock per item in no time!

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People Counting

Determine conversion rates accurately

BeSuRe International helps you collect important and interesting management information regarding your visitor numbers.

With our 3D customer counters from FootFallCam, which work with an accuracy of more than 95% (!) all other available customer counting systems are beaten on quality and accuracy.

With the extensive Analytics Software you can easily make the conversions you need, such as (among others):

• number of customers versus turnover

• number of incoming customers versus outside traffic

• length of stay of visitors in your store

• the number/percentage of returning and new visitors

Reports can be delivered automatically at the time you want.

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Guidance Systems

Robust, trendy and distinctive

BeSuRe International also takes care of your shop design with a robust and trendy concept consisting of:

• Guiding systems (fences)

• Mechanical and Automatic Swing Gates

• Collision protection for your detection gates

• Partition walls

• Self-scan square solutions

• Automatic decoupling of hard tags after payment

and more…

A more environmentally friendly alternative to chrome systems. And what’s more, in a concept that sets you apart from the crowd.

With our Blackline concept you have an all-in-one solution that also looks slick.

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Price & Coding Guns

A solution for every application

BeSuRe International offers you an extensive range of labellers, coders and price labels.

We supply brands such as:





For all these brands (and many others such as: MOTEX, SATO, TOPLINE and TOVEL) we naturally also supply the corresponding range of price labels in a range of colours, prints and adhesives).

The corresponding ink rollers are also available through our webshop

  • Quality and personal service

  • Reliable, objective and transparent

BeSuRe International - Showroom - Koningsbeltweg 76 Almere


You can visit our showroom by appointment (also in the evening).
All systems are presented “live” for you here and ofcourse we can demonstrate them for you.


Koningsbeltweg 76, 1329 AK Almere, The Netherlands
Call for an appointment: +31 (0)36 841 9133


Schuilenburglaan 1, 7604 BJ, Almelo, The Netherlands
call for an appointment: +31 (0)36 841 9133

Our Customers

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